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Cartwright & Butler

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  • Cartwright & Butler Iced Christmas Cake In Tin

    • This moist classic Christmas cake is packed full of sultanas, raisins & cherry’s topped with marzipan
    • Presented in a beautiful blue reusable tin - great for gifting
  • Cartwright & Butler Candied Orange Christmas Pudding In Tin

    • A traditional rich Christmas pudding, with candied lemon and orange peel & a generous slug or two of orange liqueur
    • The outside of the Christmas pudding is covered in whole slices of candied orange
    • No ordinary Christmas pudding
  • Cartwright & Butler Gingerbread Fudge In Tin

    • A good, old-fashioned creamy fudge, with a festive twist of sticky treacle and spicy ginger
    • Presented in a signature kilner style clamp top tins
  • Cartwright & Butler Pocklington Hamper, Picnic Tin

    • The Large Pocklington Hamper is full of C&B's delicious treats, including tea, coffee, savoury snacks, sweet biscuits, preserves and confectionery
    • Encased in a cool blue metal hamper, which makes it perfect for those who prefer the minimalist look
  • Cartwright & Butler Classic Biscuit Selection Trio Gift Boxed

    • Beautifully presented biscuits in their own, reusable clip top tin
    • Salted caramel biscuits, demerara shortbread rounds & triple choc chunk biscuits
    • 3 x 200g
  • Cartwright & Butler Salted Caramel Extravaganza Hamper , Luxury Foods

    • A truly luxurious Salted Caramel gift
    • Encased in a green metal hamper, which makes it perfect to reuse
  • Cartwright & Butler Hazelnut Chocolate Truffles

    • A smooth ganache of finest Hazelnut and rich dark chocolate
    • Indulgent chocolate truffles dusted in pure cocoa
  • Cartwright & Butler Luxury Chocolate Loaf Cake In Tin

    • Velvety rich chocolate caked pack with chocolate chunks, drizzled with white and milk chocolate, topped with melt-in-your-mouth caramel pieces
    • In a reusable loaf cake tin
  • Cartwright & Butler Dark Drinking Chocolate, Hot Chocolate

    • These are made of plain chocolate for those who prefer a little extra bite to their hot chocolate
    • Packed in a kilner-style jar these hot chocolate beads make the most wonderful gift
  • Cartwright & Butler Original Toffees

    • Irresistibly chewy deliciously buttery bite-sized toffees
    • 130g
  • Cartwright & Butler Sea Salted Caramel Toffees

    • Exceptionally creamy caramel toffee with a subtle hint of sea salt
    • 130g
  • Cartwright & Butler Shortbread Collection Gift Tin

    • Inculdes Sea Salted Caramel Shortbread & Pistachio & White Chocolate Shortbread
    • Made using C&Bs classic shortbread recipe, including only the finest ingredients and made with real butter that delivers that melt in your mouth shortbread taste
  • Cartwright & Butler Peanut Brittle In Carton

    • Crunchy caramel with salty, roasted peanuts
    • 150g
  • Cartwright & Butler Peanut Brittle In Tin

    • Irresistibly moreish, morsels of crunchy caramel packed with salty, roasted peanuts
    • Traditionally broken pieces inC&B's signature, clip top tin.
  • Cartwright & Butler Salted Caramel Fudge In Tin

    • Classic 'Salted Caramel' crumbly fudge
    • Presented in a signature kilner style clamp top tins
    • The ideal gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Items 1 to 15 of 52 total

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